Q: What is a standing mile?
The standing mile is an event designed to calculate a vehicles speed at 5280' from a standing start. Vehicles must start from a dead stop as sitting at a traffic light. Once given the signal, drivers must continue to accelerate from the stopped position completely through the mile mark. Precision timing equipment will measure the speed which will be their score for the run.

Q: Do I have to be a member of IMRA to participate in a sanctioned event?
Yes. IMRA membership is $55 per year. All drivers must join prior to participating in an IMRA sanctioned event. This fee covers membership lanyard, decals and other incidentals.

Q: Do you officiate other race length/types than mile racing?
Yes. IMRA is available to sanction and time 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 1.75 mile races, in addition to the 0-300km-0 type races.

Q: Is there an age requirement to race IMRA sanctioned events?
Yes. All participants must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver's license to be able to complete at IMRA sanctioned events.

Q: Does IMRA charge a fee?
Yes. There is a fee for providing personnel and timing equipment for testing and competition events.

Q: Do cars have to run on pump gas?
No. Any safe fuel can be used at IMRA sanctioned events.

Q: Are motorcycles allowed to race?
Motorcycles are allowed to race where permitted. Categories are available for two-wheeled vehicles.

Q: Do I have to have insurance to race?
Only street-legal classes attempting to set a World record will need valid insurance for the vehicle.

Q: What does "street legal" mean?
Essentially "street legal" vehicles must have a valid tag and insurance. All street legal cars attempting a Guinness World Record must also include working air-conditioning and a factory installed passenger seat with working seat belt. (Due to varying state laws IMRA does not inspect, require or test emmissions equipment) Final decisions on street legal vehicle categories shall be at the IMRA officials' discretion. IMRA officials may ask to follow a vehicle for a 15 minute "street worthy" verification drive.

Q: Will there be safety personnel on site?
Yes. IMRA requires safety and fire rescue personnel to be on-site at any event. IMRA does not furnish them, but will assist in their acquisition. Upon IMRA approval, teams may provide their own on-site safety and fire rescue personnel.

Q: Are any special tires required?
IMRA safety officials will inspect tires for proper pressure and tire-wear.

Q: Can convertibles race?
Yes. Convertibles passing IMRA tech inspection will be permitted to race. For clarification on your specific vehicle, please contact us via the website

Q: Do you have to wear a helmet or other safety equipment?
Yes. Any competitors travelling over 160mph will be required to wear fire suit, gloves and protective shoes. All participants will be required to wear a SNELL 2000 approved helmet and approved safety harness.

Q: Are vehicles required to have a roll cage?
Only unlimited class cars are required to have a roll cage. For clarification on your specific vehicle, please contact us via the website.

Q: Can two people ride together in a race?
Passengers will be allowed for drivers receiving IMRA certification or testing.

Q: What timing equipment is used at IMRA sanctioned events?
Timing equipment must be IMRA approved for accuracy according to specifications set forth by the equipment manufacturer (ie. Tag Heuer).

Q: Do you get a timing slip or a certificate?
Yes. Timing slips will be issued to each competitor after each run and certificates will be issued to every competitor setting an IMRA record after the scheduled event.

Q: Will there be food and restrooms at IMRA sanctioned events?
Yes. Food vendors and other facilities will be arranged and overseen by the event organizer.

Q: Do you race in both directions?
No. IMRA sanctioned events will only be run in one direction.

Q: Can bad weather conditions affect or stop races?
Races may be cancelled or postponed at the IMRA officials' discretion. No refunds will be issued.

Q: Can cars race side-by-side?
Where permitted, head-to-head racing will only be permitted if both drivers are IMRA certified. Such racing will be at the IMRA safety officials' discretion.

Q: Do you have to have an up-to-date medical form on file to race?
Yes. A physical is not a requirement, but a current medical form must be filled out to participate in IMRA sanctioned events. This form will be included in your rule book.

Q: Do you have to sign a waiver to race?
Signed hold-harmless waivers will be a requirement for anyone entering a IMRA sanctioned event.

Q: Will Guinness World Records be at all events to verify world records?
Guinness Book of World Records sanctioned events (if adjudicated) will be advertised in advance for those wishing to attempt a world record run. IMRA requires a 90 days notice in advance of an event to officiate and certify world records. Officiating fees vary based on location of event and number of days of commitment.

Q: Does IMRA setup timing equipment for straight-line aerodynamic testing?
Yes. IMRA will provide and operate timing equipment for aerodynamic testing for an additional fee.

All other questions should be directed to IMRA via the website.

Contact us via the website form to inquire about IRMA officiating your event.