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The next KSC testing session is set for December 9. Join the group of 200MPH club member in a 2.2 mile top speed run!

The September aerodynamic testing event at Kennedy Space Center was a huge success with three more drivers topping 200MPH. Two more events are scheduled for November and December of this year.

Early morning lineup at KSC.

Top- We got 3 new 200MPH Club Members this day!

Right - Donald Smith in his 2009 Lamborghini joined the IMRA 200MPH Club along with Wayne Garner and William Griffiths.
Donald Smith: 204.522mph
William Griffiths: 203.739mph
Wayne Garner: 200.164mph

IMRA Times June Testing Session

Another successful testing session took place at Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility June 3, 2017. Exotics from as far away as Washington state made the trip for the private testing day. The weather held and everyone got as many runs in as they wanted.

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See current IMRA standing mile world record holders here:

The Need For Speed was obvious this day. The weather was gorgeous and so were the vehicles.

Top- Tony Mishiev's Lamborghini LP720 was a real head turner. Not only was it beautiful, it wen't over 208mph!

Right - Donald Marshall Jr. brought out a Mini Cooper with a jet engine in the trunk. It seemed right at home on the Shuttle Landing Strip.

High Speed Testing at KSC

Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility was the backdrop for another testing session February 17-19, 2017. Some 22 exotics hit the runway totaling 142 runs over the three days of testing. Haig Kanadjian turned the top speed of the weekend at 239.929mph in his '08 Gallardo, and that was in a half-mile!

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See current IMRA standing mile world record holders here:

On October 29th, 2016 the IMRA team timed another aerodynamic testing session at Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility, Kennedy Space Center, FL. The day included car enthusiasts from all over the country with some fantastic sports cars.                              
The top IMRA Standing Mile Record went to Larry Caplin in his 2011 SSC Ultimate Aero at 201.207, however Andrew McKee laid down a blistering 210.536 in the half-mile in his 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10. Everyone had a great time and are looking forward to the next event to set more IMRA World Records.
See all timing runs here:           See current IMRA standing mile world record holders here:

IMRA Sets Up Shop At Kennedy

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER - The International Mile Racing Association has been timing vehicles at Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility since 2011.
We are pleased to announce that we have finalized plans and set up our new headquarters at the Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida.
We are proud to be based at this historic location and look forward to a bright new future on the finest runway on the planet.
View examples of IMRA speed certificates here
Genovation Does it Again! Two New World Records!
We are pleased to have officiated 2 new world records for Genovation Cars at Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility on July 28, 2016. The race-inspired hydroformed aluminum frame and quintessential body style lend themselves perfectly to the lightweight and sustainable GXE.
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The International Mile Racing Association was created to sanction mile racing events, but we are also able to time other types of racing. We can set up speed traps for 1/4, and 1/2 mile runs. We can also time the popular 0-300km-0 event using in-car cameras and V-Box data for verification.    Contact IMRA for info regarding your next event.
Contact IMRA To Join The Ranks Of Fastest (insert your vehicle here) In The Standing Mile
Do you have the fastest Lambo, Ferrari or Corvette on the planet? Get certified by having IMRA sanction your next standing mile event. We have the personnel and equipment to officiate your run and can certify you as the current IMRA record holder in your vehicle (see current record holders here). Your track will have to be surveyed (see example) to verify distance, then IMRA will set up Tag Heuer timing equipment to record your vehicle's speed down to 1/10000th of a second.