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IMRA Officiates New World Record Run

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER - West Palm Beach resident Johnny Bohmer (owner/driver of the famous Badd GT) does it again as he destroys his previous Guinness World Record of Fastest Street Car in the Standing Mile. His attempt on October 16, 2012 was officially timed by IMRA and verified by a representative from Guinness World Records. The blistering speed of 283.232mph was laid down during the testing of new alloys and aerodynamic designs.
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PPR sets Corvette Z06 Mile Record

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER - Johnny Bohmer set the IMRA World Record for Fastest Street Legal Chevy Corvette Z06 in the standing mile with a pass of 252mph Tuesday, October 16, 2012. This marks the first time anyone has piloted a Corvette to speeds above 250mph in the standing mile. The run was accomplished using a twin-turbo 2004 Chevy Corvette Z06, owned and built by Performance Power Racing in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many new innovations have been pioneered and included on this Z06, including air dam enhancements, ground effects skirting, high performance alloys, and a great big bottle of notrous oxide. Congrats to PPR for setting another record for others to chase.

Dodge Challenger Sets
IMRA Record
With 172.526 MPH Pass

Kennedy Space Center - Melissa Adinolfe set a new world record for a Dodge Challenger in the standing mile at the Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa Beach, Florida on June 17, 2011. Congratulations Melissa!

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